The Pandemic Data Room

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A Resource Provided by The Center for Global Data Visualization

The Pandemic Data Room is a comprehensive global COVID-19 data repository created by a consortium of partners and led by QED Group to improve understanding of the impact of physical distancing policies on social behavior, disease rates, hospital utilization, and local/national economies. This initiative will generate critical information needed to adjust policies to control the outbreak. We hope to bring amazing talent to work on the data and generate new tools that can be used to manage and understand this pandemic.

Contribute to the Pandemic Data Room

In order for the Pandemic Data Room to best reflect questions being asked among the global health and international development communities, we have created a portal where people can pose questions on COVID-19 they are looking to get answered. The question portal is available to anyone in the world and can also be used to help generate ideas for compelling visualization and analysis tools.

Please visit the portal here or via the button below.

Although we actively look for and add emerging data sources to the Pandemic Data Room, there is no more efficient way to find these sources than suggestions and feedback from people like you! If you have or know of public data that we do not have displayed here, and you believe would be an asset to the users of this resource, please send it to us via the button below.

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